Cote D'Ivoire News



August 7, 2002

The political problems and civil violence have definitely increased in the last year and I find myself starting a lot of postings about it.  Maybe it would just be easier to include the links (to BBC stories).  Take a look......

bulletIvorians Queue Up to Leave - The desire to immigrate to France (and the treatment by the embassy)
bulletAnti-police strike spreads in Abidjan - Transportation strike and gendarme (national police) corruption
bulletOpposition attacks Ivory Coast - Election problems and violence
bulletTimeline: Ivory Coast - Timeline may help people understand political problems
bulletRuling party wins Ivory Coast poll - Recent election results
bulletIvorians shocked by president's pay - President reveals his (outrageous) salary
bulletAfrica Cocoa Slavery 'Exaggerated' - Child Slavery in the Ivory Coast?

Additional news bits can be found on the BBC site: