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11/06/2002 Update: 

The Peace Corps has ended their program in the Ivory Coast.  Kate is back home in Toledo, after first touring half of the world! Her tour started in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and continued as she was evacuated to Ghana.  Her stops included a visit with the "Doc" in San Francisco, a much needed unwinding cruise in the Western Caribbean, a visit with mom in Columbus, and even a wedding stop in Wadsworth, Ohio! Check out the Coup link to the left for more info on what has happened since September.

10/12/2002 Update:  Kate is on her way back to the U.S. today!    

She'll be making a few stops across the U.S. to visit with family and friends, and take a relaxing cruise, before settling back into Toledo.  As for the other volunteers, most of them are coming home too, and about 25 re-enlisted in the Peace Corps and have been re-assigned to other countries.

10/06/2002 Update:  The Peace Corps has ended their program in the Ivory Coast.  Kate will be on her way back home to the U.S. in the next week or two.  

The Peace Corps' intent is to have everyone out of Ghana by next Sunday, 10/13/2002.  It sounds like all of the required processing activities are behind schedule, but Kate is trying her best to foresee the next hurdle and stay one step ahead.  She will hopefully be one of the first volunteers out...  

With her current plans, the soonest she could be back on U.S. soil is this coming Sunday (10/13).  She plans to visit her sister in San Francisco first, followed by a cruise, and then head back to Ohio before month's end.

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9/29/2002 Update:  Kate is definitely okay!  

Kate and most other PCV's have been relocated to Accra, Ghana - the neighboring country directly to the East of Cote D'Ivoire (see map of Africa).  They are waiting on 10 or 11 more volunteers to be rescued from Cote D'Ivoire before the Peace Corps figures out (or communicates?) the next steps.  

In the meantime, the volunteers are all staying at La Palm Royal Beach hotel in Accra.  The volunteers are being treated and fed very well.  Some are enjoying the beach-front five-star amenities, while others are still contemplating the situation:  what happened, what does it mean?  Will they go back to CDI or will they be shipped back home to the USA?  Will they see their friends again, will their friends be safe?  What will happen to the "stuff" they left behind - pictures, clothes, books, and unfinished projects?   

For more info directly from the volunteers, read Kate's e-mail update, or some of the recent Blair postings.

Check out the links below to stay updated on the political situation in Cote D'Ivoire.

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9/27/2002 News Flash:  A coup attempt took place this week in the Ivory Coast.  Kate appears to be okay and might be on her way to Ghana with the other Peace Corps Volunteers.  

Kate has been in touch with several people since this happened, and was able to send out an e-mail (link to the left).  We are all praying for her safety.

*** Detailed map of Cote D'Ivoire, with Kate's village - Taabo - highlighted.

*** More information on the news & developments in the Ivory Coast:

*** Local Toledo news story on Kate (Channel 24 NBC News):

*** Peace Corps updates (or lack there-of) on the relocation of volunteers:

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